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Darkmate Color Scheme for Vim

Apr 17, 2011

The Darkmate theme for the gedit is one of the best themes out there. However, other text editors such as VIM do not have their own port of the darkmate theme ... but now there finally is one offered exclusively by yearofmoo.


This theme looks awesome. The syntax highlighting is supported for Ruby, PHP, _C_, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. All other formats should work fine, but have not been tweaked to best fit the other languages.

Vim Files
PHP Files
Ruby Files
HTML Files
JavaScript Files


To install darkmate with vim, just include darkmate.vim into your ~/.vim/colors/ folder. You can also install this theme using Vundle by putting the following command into your .vimrc file:

" use this if you're using vundle to manage your vim plugins/themes
Bundle "yearofmoo/Vim-Darkmate"

Once you have the theme placed in your vim directory or installed it using vundle then run put this code in your .vimrc file:

" this should be pasted inside your .vimrc file
colorscheme darkmate

Side effects of darkmate

A few things to keep in mind are:

  • Darkmate uses a bigger fontside (Monaco 12pt).
  • Darkmate has a line highlight.
  • Darkmate has yet to be tested on a 256 color terminal vim editor.


The darkmate.vim file can be downloaded via github at the URL:


Any issues or questions can be posted on the issue tracking page found on github

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